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robots and rockets?

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today i feel like being random, so here it is.

Do you think it is ethical to equip a robot with bottle rockets :D.
please give all your reasons.

Is this an airborne robot that is using the bottle rockets for propulsion ?

this is all theory, im just curio on peoples thoughts on giving a robot a bottle rocket for any use.

Besides, that would have to be one long burning rocket to do anything useful.

Besides being pretty lethal................the bottle rocket robot would be a big job to construct, aim etc. You would need a lot of different systems to interact, and the forces involved are hard to predict/use.

Plus, if i'm thinking of the same rockets as you, water is a good idea to propel the rocket? Robots + water doesn't sound too great. ;)

I'd say go for multiple projectiles like tennis balls, potatoes or very very small mushrooms.

lol, the main idea that comes to my mind is to equip a bot with some bottle rockets since they are not hard to make or buy and you would just need to make/buy some electrical ignitors.

You could also do multiple large rockets with fins so that you can control them and do all kinds of things, but those are just my ideas :D

in fact heres a fun website :


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