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Hi all
I am looking for a software for robot design.I saw in the 'Sumo Robot Construction' tutorial that
the Autodesk CAD was used.But I'm not sure which of the Autodesk's products
(namely AutoCAD,Autodesk Inventor,...)is useful for robotics design for beginner to intermediate.
Can anyone help me please?

try google sketch-up. we use it in our school and it is quite easy to get the hang of.

What is your objective ?  Are you trying to build a model that can run in a 3D robot simulator such as Player/Stage/Gazebo or Microsoft Robotics Studio or Webots ?  Or are you modeling a robot for fabrication ?

We used SolidWorks to model our robot, since the machine shop could work directly from those files - here's a photo of the model - .  We subsequently exported the model to VRML so that it could be imported into Webots and MSRS, though we don't have an MSRS simulation working yet.

Is SolidWorks free?

There website isn't so clear... looks like there is a translater for AutoCAD, a viewer, and a what ever else...

SolidWorks is expensive ($6k or thereabouts), but I believe some low-cost student editions are available


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