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Looking for an inexpensive High Torque DC Motor

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Hello All,  ;D

Looking for an an inexpensive, High Torque, Low mA, DC Motor. RPMs are not too important (Not less than 3)
This is for a mobile robotic arm project. ( I require no bells in whistles,  Just a motor and maybe a gear box..  I will handle speed,home sensors,position,feedback in-house)

Looking for something powerful enough to lift a gallon of milk. 8.5-8.8 lbs (3855g-3991g).

Also where can I find standalone really high gear ratio boxes?  4000+

Thanks so much in advance....

try these:

Thank you so much for the quick reply.  These sites do offer some nice choices. 
But I'm on a budget,  while I do not want to sacrifice performance.  I would like to find a happy medium.

The prices seem... bloated. No?  I mean I could buy a drill BNIB (Brand New In Box) take it apart as save way more right?  And if I bough a used tool.  If would go down way more.

These online stores maybe do not see the volume others may do hence higher prices?  Or consider themselves a niche repository?

But since I'm new to the game of pricing motors in particular I may be way off base.

Is motor/gearbox with nice torque/mA numbers in the <$35 a pipe dream?  Otherwise the cost of my project will spin quickly out of control.

BTW:  I found this site about 2 weeks ago.  GREAT SITE!! Lots of info.

I agree that the prices seem bloated (160$ for a motor-gearbox-wheel kit? A single wheel that is?). I too am on a budget, and I found something very nice the other day.... A windshield wiper motor:

They sell it for $13. I already have one of those at home. Bought a second one. They can do ~100 RPM at 12V, 4A, or 41 RPM with 0.91A. I will use two of these to power the wheels of my robot. I can tell you that they are fairly powerful. Grabbing the lever and trying to stop it is quite difficult.

That's outstanding.  That's much more in the direction I'm looking for. 

Maybe not quite powerful enough. But I could use it for something else. Nice find. I'll need to check ebay more.  Its just shipping is usually out of proportion to what it should cost.

Nyx: How much does the battery weigh you are using?  Gel or Lead-acid based?


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