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more biped robots


it appears the market is starting to quickly oversaturate with bipeds . . .

a new japanese biped
(the video is at the end)
it seems like sliding is becoming the more popular, more effective, method of running . . .

and another overpriced one that goes for $2,299.99 in Canadian dollars ($1,945 US)
(there are links to 3 videos at the end)
you can also get a good look at the controller details for this biped here:

Yeah, I hear you. The mega-robotics thing is way overpriced - their custom "servos" have less torque than the AX-12, but they cost more than twice as much.

As far as a walking video, take a look at my latest:

This is the first time MicroRaptor has actually taken consecutive steps. I need to do some more work on my motion sequence tools so I can tune it better, including keeping the feet off the ground while swinging forwards.

MicroRaptor, when it is done, is going to walk at a pretty decent clip, and it isn't going to be shuffling. The stride length is about 6", btw...

- Jon


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