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Half Shell:
Hello all!

I have recently discovered PyRo, or Python Robotics (beware: Python Remote Objects also goes by Pyro). This software allows you to create a virtual world, a virtual robot (just the hardware), and then program code as if it was on that robot. Then you can simulate the results and test your program's behaviour!

Some cool videos of it working:

The program seems amazing and I really want to work with it. The problem is, I can't get it installed properly! I'm no Linux newbie, but this is a pain. I was wondering if someone else interested in the program will work with me on trying to get it up and running.

Half Shell:
Well after two solid hours of attempting to install tons of dependencies - still no success! I am going to try their live boot CD next though, see how that works out...

I think the work on Pyro ended a year or so ago when IPRE was formed (Microsoft, Bryn Mawr, Georgia Tech), and they created a successor system is called Myro (also Python based).  They are building computer science classes around Myro, Parallax Scribbler, and Fluke Bluetooth controller. 

I hope you don't think I sound rude, but did you download Python first?  If you haven't, go to Python's main website and do it.  It sort of makes sense that PyRo would not work if you don't have Python to begin with.

If you already have it, I have no idea what you could do.  :-\ It is indeed odd that even if they stopped working on PyRo, the program should still work if you downloaded it.  For example, I think you can still download and use Netscape (an old web browser), even though it's not supported anymore.  Of course, it might be a problem with your OS or something installed that interferes with PyRo (personal firewalls can supposedly stop Python from working, although I haven't had any problems).

what distribution are you using?
i know there are Ubuntu and Debian packages pre built for PyRo.
probably for other distributions as well.



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