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Half Shell:
Of course I installed python silly - I run Linux and it comes preinstalled. Plus I do a number of other programs in Python regularly.

As for the pre-built packages for Ubuntu and Debian -  the site never mentioned anything about those, and package searches are not showing anything. Myro turns up nothing either. Do you know the package name? (Beware - Python Remote Object also takes the name "pyro").

I'm closing in on the point I'm just going to teach myself PyGame and create my own virtualizations/simulations of hardware.

hey Half Shell,
yea, sorry, my bad. i was looking at Python Remote Object in my package manager.

i think i remember seeing PyRo (the right PyRo) preinstalled on a virtual machine once.
it was a VM with all robotics apps preinstalled.
that was a year or two ago though so i've no idea where it was or if anyone has been updating it.

i just did a quick search for robot VMs and this came up:
maybe that was it...


Half Shell:
No, dunk, you were thinking about this probably:

This DOES work, but with the Live CD comes a whole host of problems, which essentially makes my computer hardware near useless. I tried it out and it's cool and all, but it still doesn't work.

I'm looking into what it will take to create a general virtualization of the robot using pygame now...

I note that there has been no updates posted for this software since 2007.  At that time Ubuntu 10.1 or so was the latest distribution.  Your problems may stem from using (or trying to use) much newer versions of Ubuntu and/or Python. 

It's too bad this cool package is (apparently) no longer supported.  I was seriously considering using it myself but without active support for six years or so...

The posts you're replying to are from 2008, which would explain why they're trying to use software from 2007 :-)
Did you get a better result looking for Myro?

In general, though, I would assume that modern game engines with physics engines built in would solve both the modeling, simulation, and visualization problems for you very simply. All you need to do is build some actuator models, and the controlling code.

Anyone tried something like Unity 3D, or Panda 3D, or UDK?


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