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150 Foot-Pound Stepper motor

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Does anyone know of a stepper motor that can generate around 150 foot-pounds of force?

can u convert that to metric system (cm/m/g/kg)

150 foot-pounds is up in the modern automobile range.  That's a LOT of torque.  I'm curious to see the answer to this question, but what on earth do you need that much torque for?

im still not sure about the units and this isn't a stepper but try this motor:

also if you want a motor that strong you have to pay big $$$

i don't think you'll get that sort of torque from a gear stepper motor without a lot of gearing. (or a HUGE motor.)

Admin posted this guy's website the other day.
one of the usefull/interesting things i saw there was the guys homebrew high power servos:
can anyone say "high torque"?



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