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Bump absorber?

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 I was thinking about making a basic 4 wheeled robot and I want it to be able to take on gravel, hills, etc. and to be able to absorb the shock. anybody know how I can do that?

Consider starting with the chassis/drive of an electric R/C truck such as the E-Maxx - http://www.traxxas.com/products/electric/emaxx/trx_emaxx.htm

This is what I'm doing but I'm using a 1/18 scale....it's really to small to be convenient.
If have the cash http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store/c/2659-Rack-and-Pinion-Steering.aspx looks like a good place to start.

But remember car steering is way harder to plan for than tank steering. ;) do you research on non-holonomic vs holonomic robots. you don't have to grok all the math, just the concepts.

Thanks and I'll take your advice Mr. Welling. I live in Florida so my backyard is all terrain so that's why I was wondering. :D

make sure your RC car has a nice motor and good gearing. make sure its designed for off-roading, and doesnt just look like it can off-road.

dont skimp for price, trust me! i learned this the hard way . . .


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