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what is a robot/what is not a robot

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for my robotics paper, i'm specifying what is and what is not a robot. i've allready covered what is a robot, but for the average person to understand robotics, i'm trying to show examples of machines that are not robots so people don't get confused.  i need examples please. it would greatly help me out. thanks for your time.

for reference to your previous post:

machines that arent robots? hmmmmm a crowbar. my bicycle. but not my stove. i think its safe to say that if it doesnt have a feedback mechanism (aka sensor and control loop), its not a robot.

stove? my general understanding is that a robot is a computer controlled machine that is capable of motion and uses sensors to interact with its environment?

how is a stove considered somewhat of a robot?

stoves, even the older ones, have temperature sensors.

you set it to a temperature, and it uses a feedback control loop to make sure it stays at that temperature. ovens, air conditioners, and refridgerators have this feature, too.

Does a robot neccessarily need electricity/computer control? After all, automatons seem to have some very robotic my mind at least.

It isn't maybe as black and white as it was maybe 10 years back, or more.


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