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another life like humanoid


Everyone is making humanoids these days . . .

This is probably the best Ive seen at the moment:

She claims she has an air servo system for 'natural movements' . . .

I think it will get a little creepy the day these animatronics start using legs and sensors to walk around the convention floor, perhaps tapping on your shoulder for attention . . .

man that robot looks freaky!!! looks like they copied something straight out of a horror movie :'( :'( :'(

hmm that android is pretty cool, but I think I've seen a Japanese one that is almost like it, but maybe a little better.. I'll see if I can find a video online on it.

Edit: I found the videos online on youtube (just search for Japanese android), but I think the one you linked is probably better. The Japanese ones seem a little more rigid, although the voices are a lot nicer, haha.

mode=related&search= is one of them.

Yea I don't get the fetish of humanoid robots. ::)

But.. but.. humanoid robots are cool!  ;D They can kill us in our sleep and replace us! Seriously though, some Japanese scientist made humanoid robots of his wife and daughter. They looked pretty lifelike it was creepy, especially when the robots' real counterparts were standing next to them.


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