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Hi every one
i wanna know how to test my game pad because i wanna use it to control my robot(more buttons)? ???
may i omit the computer while controllig the robot (Connecte the game pad directlly to the robot)?
Thank u 4 ur help ;)

we need to know more information. imagine we are completely stupid  :o :o :o and tell us everything about ur robot and gamepad so we know what u are talking about. until we know more about your robot and gamepad i dont think we will be able to help.

Well, i'm a bit unsure of what you meant too, but what i'm guessing is something like this:


A search on the very interesting site called hackaday for 'controller' also revealed some nice things


and there's this guy who mods consoles, who has his own site and posts on Hackaday called Ben Heck. Check it out


Other searches on google for 'hack' and 'controller' (plus obviously, if you have a specific controller in mind, type that in too and you should be suprised at how many people have done what you are trying to do.


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