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Evolution Robotics, ER1 Robot, and ERSP Thread.

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The reason I created this thread is because the ER1 robot is officially dead to the company that created it.  The original forums are gone, there is no more customer service, and you can no longer buy one (except off eBay).  Finding in-depth information about it on the web is nearly impossible, as most websites dedicated to it were forgoten about when support was terminated.  The few people that still own, use, and customize them are scattered across the world wide web.  Some have moved on to other projects, while a few others (like me) may have discovered the ER1 robot for the first time and have no place to discuss it.  That is the reason I created this thread; to create a place where we can discuss, ask questions, give answers, and document the ER1 robot, ERSP and any other related concept.  Another reason is to bring the scattered ER1 users together, so we may better answer each others questions and display what can be done with the ER1, ERSP, etc.

At the time of this post's writting, there are two ER1 robot owners on this forum; me (SciTech02) and Ro-Bot-X.  We are still developing ours, but the information we've gathered and shared is large.  We will now discuss our ER1s here.  If there are any ER1 robot owners or anyone interested, feel free to post and let us know that there are still interested people out there.

I'll start the thread with a short summary of my ER1.  It is currently in an original, unmodified state (no accessories, yet).  I have developed a pathfinding program for it that is written in Python, uses an A* (A-star) based algorithm, and uses the RCC API commands.  Here's a link with more details: My current goal is to create a map of my entire house, so it can find its way to any location in it and find a place to charge its batteries (an eventual docking port).


 I've been an ER1 Robot owner since 2002. I own 2 and one is still in the box and never been used. The ER1 that I use looks nothing like an ER1. It has a rotating tosro two grippers, shoulder, elbow servos and pan & tilt servos, numerous machined parts, including a half track system. Yes I'm lucky to have my own personal machine shop at home. Would be glad to upload pictures if I can. 

Wellcome and thanks for sharing!

You can upload pictures at the end of your post if you click on the Additional Options link below the text box, then attach the files from your HDD.

Here are the 2 versions of the robot I have built over the years, but now I'm back to the basic form until I'll get it to move again:

Excellent!  Your robot sounds very interesting, with all of those add-ons and such (especially if you can't tell it was originally an ER1 robot).  I am wondering, what is it able to do?  Can it charge itself?  Navigate on its own?  Patrol your house, etc?  In my opinion, a robot is considered interesting based on what it can do, not what it looks like.

Thanks for sharing.  :)

Here are some pictures of my ER1. At one time I had a self charging port, the only problem is, that It only charges the ER1's battery and not the notebook's. I have thought about using a motherboard, but they use way too much power and take up too much space. The servos on the robot are not activated until they need to be used to save on power. That way I can get away with using the stock ER1's battery.

My opinion about robots is, looks and quality are as important as function, if it has wires thrown everywhere and looks like someone used a hand drill and a hacksaw to build it, then I don't want to see it's function. I know that everyone doesn't have a machine shop at their fingertips, and at one time I didn't either, my first robots didn't look so good, believe me. After I had my tracks machined at a local shop, the guy said "Why don't you buy yourself a lathe and a milling machine, you will come out a lot cheaper in the long run." I took his advice and glad I did, because those machines opened up another hobby within it's self. And my robots look better and has better quality. Well hope everyone enjoys the pictures as I did making it.


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