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Evolution Robotics, ER1 Robot, and ERSP Thread.

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Hey everyone.  I am in need of the software updates for the ER-1, especially the power patch that keeps the bot from complaining about the laptop charger.  Is this in the drop box?  If so I guess I need access or someone to email them to me.  A bunch of 3rd graders depend on it!  ;D

Hi Griff

  You can easily stop the ER1 from complaining about the charger by adding a config.txt file.  Here is a post from the old Evolution ER1 forum which explains it:

Re: [charles] Advanced configuration options. [In reply to]  Can't Post 

You can customize the configuration of the Robot Control Center by adding a config.txt file in the C:\Program Files\ER1 directory. You have to add the following section in this new file called [hardware] and add your directives underneath. For example, to log all movements that the robot makes, I'd add:


Here are all the configuration options that can be added under the [hardware] directive. There is no limit to the number of directives (you could have all of them if you wanted) Attached is a simple example configuration file.

fov=(double): camera field of view in degrees(defaults to 42 degrees).

baud_rate=(integer): The baud rate of the command serial port (Defaults to 250000).

wheel_base=(double): Distance between the wheels in cm (defaults s 38 cm).

stop_when_charging=(0/1): If 1, prevents motion if the robot is charging.

disregard_low_robot_battery=(0/1): If 1, does not prevent motion even though robot is low on battery (defaults to 1).

disregard_charging_laptop=(0/1): If 1, does not prevent motion when the laptop is charging (Defaults to 0).

default_accel=(double): The default acceleration used for robot motion, in cm/sec^2 (defaults to 70 cm/sec^2).

left_motor_board=(0/1): Indicate which motor is connected to the left wheel (Defaults to 1, corresponding to the construction photos in the manual).

right_motor_board=(0/1): Indicate which motor is connected to the right wheel (Defaults to 0, corresponding to the construction photos in the manual).

left_motor_position_factor=(double): The position factor of the left motor. Should always be negative for the motors we're using on ER1. (Defaults to -1711).

right_motor_position_factor=(double): The position factor of the right motor: Should always be positive for the motors we're using on ER1. (Defaults to 1711).

log_move=(0/1): If 1, log all motion commands to the hwlog.txt file. (Defaults to 0).




Worked like a charm, thank you!.  I took the liberty of adding a web control I found a few years ago to the drop box, hope someone finds it useful.



I was wondering about two things.  Hopefully the second has not be rehashed to much...

I was wondering if anyone knows what the system dynamics of the er-1 are.  Maybe there are some papers or articles about it?

In addition, if anyone has used a recent version of Player with the ER-1, I'd love to know how!  I can't seem to get my robot working with Player.

Hey Guys, not sure who is still around tinkering with the ER-1.  as I have been reading this forum, and trying to locate some of the software i.e. python mapper, for one.  I noticed that there are some people are looking for a "gripper" sub. I have been thinking of an idea and wanted to throw it out there for you guys to think about.  using a DIY servo driver, and a simple software program to open or close the fingers ( with a switch on one of the fingers to stop the servo from crushing item ), attached to the "hobby ports".  I know the GUI allows you to run "external" programs... maybe we can make something to suit our needs.  I have most of the electronics figured out, the mechanical is still on the paper stage, and the software is on the back burner.... figure once I have it built, I can figure out how to drive it.  Any thoughts.  Also anyone got any current links to the latest RCC? as well as the python mapper???



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