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Using a TI graphing calculator as a robot "brain"

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I'm semi new to robotics, because I know lots about mechanics and building, lots about individual electronic components, but not a whole lot in the world of applying those two with microcontrollers and getting a robot in the end. Anyway my specific question would be about the process of connecting a microcontroller to a robot and attaching the servos and sensors, then linking that with a computer to get a functional robot. That is a general view of want I would like to know, specifically I want to use a TI calculator (almost every kid in high school or college has one) to be the main brain for the robot. Where it becomes unclear for me is what is necessary for that. I don't think that a microcontroller is necessary because the calculator is acting as the memory and brain, but it would then need to output it to like a servo controller, and be linked with something that could organize and send back sensor information. Since I don't know exactly what I'm talking about or how to implement it, is this thing that would take information from a calculator and output it to servos and send back sensor info, really just a microcontroller? I've included a graphical representation of what I'm thinking.

Hey there,

It just so happens that I was looking at this site last night


You could try and email him I guess

Other links I literally just googled (Using      http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=ti-83+robot&meta=    )


People like this guy on the ticalc.org website also could have some info http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/48/4842.html




Hope that helped :)


Ok I got in touch with Kam Leang from


and he is hoping to have his ti-83 robot tutorial (and his new site!) up soon

Watch that space!

Thanks for the feedback. I had not seen Kam Leang's site, but it looks very interesting- pretty much EXACTLY what I wanted to do, so I will definitally be looking forward to his completed tutorial. Thanks a bunch for that link. :D

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