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Looking for used robot & LCD fo MRC teach pendant


Denny Nguyen:
Dear Sir,
I'm looking for the used robot. If anybody have and sell it. Please contact with me.
I'm interested in panasonic aw 0660, aw 010A + motoman K6, K6SB, ...fanuc + osacom 8700...
Beside, I need LCD for MRC teach pendant. Please contact with me if you have it. Thanks
Waiting for your reply soon  ;D
Best Regards,

Email: [email protected] & [email protected]
Cell phone 0935303736


the two best places for used industrial robot spares is:

globalrobots (UK) or eurobots (spain)

I hope you find it.

Best regaards


ps. we also have some used robots here (but i thing they are too expensive for you)


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