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CNC issue: removing lines with buffer?

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Im having an issue with facing acrylic on my high precision CNC.

The issue is that no matter how many facing passes I complete, there are these lines appearing in the plastic (see picture). Anyone who has ever done part facing with a CNC or a mill has probably seen these lines at some point . . .

The lines (ridges?) are so small that you cant actually feel them (feels like a perfectly smooth surface, despite how it looks).

Originally I figured they were just optical distortions because of some kind of localized thermal heating that reorganizes molecules . . . but apparently it isnt.

Normally these lines fit very much within acceptable tolerances for people, but not today . . . This facing is used for a mold for a transparent polymer (similar to as seen in picture) that cures within the mold. Strangely, when I take out the polymer after it has solidified, the lines appear in the polymer too! This is bad because I need the transparent polymer to be an exact thickness with no optical distortions for high tolerance testing.

How do I get rid of these lines?!? I have heard of some kind of buffer tool that I can use for my CNC. Anyone know about this?


- Jon


--- Quote ---Picture?
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ummm but the picture is attached . . . :P

Not that I can see...

- Jon

odd . . . what browser you using?

this link work?;topic=598.0;attach=124


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