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I found this neat micro lathe today. Could be useful for those robot builders on a budget . . .

They have a micro-mill as well:

- Jon

this would make my life so much easier. But I think the first tool I'm going to buy is a dremel.
Cheap and very handy for the kind of robots I build because I generaly go with a pre-existing mechanical
base liky lynx or an rc car to toy tank, then I just have to fit everything to the base. I'm no ME....

If you are cheap, but want to invest in something useful for making small/medium sized robots, this is the #1 tool I'd recommend:

(if that link breaks, go to and search for 'microlux drill press')

A good pic can be found here

Its a table top drill press with X-Y table. I use this guy all the time for like everything. I often put a mill bit into it for an instant mini-mill. It also has an optional digital readout (usually not useful), and optional mini vice to come with it (dont get the vice unless you plan to work on really small parts).

The digital version (which has a better pic of the drill as a whole) can been seen here:

The construction of this drill press isnt the best, but hey, its only $100, and it hasnt broke on me yet!

I also own a dremel, but I rarely use it cause this drill simply out performes it in both safety and precision.

Did someone say budget?  :D  Its like my other name.


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