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Thanks man!
« on: December 12, 2008, 04:14:59 AM »
Dude! I just wanted to thank you for this page. I was lost in the world of electronics, in my school we never learned about it, although i was very curious about it, i never found a good page for me to learn. I'm from Hungary so learning electronics is a bit hard in English because i'm used to things like Feszültség, which is Voltage and even has a different letter. But reading you tutorials really opened my eyes, and i'm trying to get the things together for my first ever robot. Sadly there aren't really good shops here where i live :( So i have no clue yet where to search, but i will make it somehow. :)

So thx, i'm very happy that this is an Active page, and not an abandoned one! Please keep it that way!!!
Feel free to delete this post if it's a spam, i just did not wanted to bother you with mails :)

I still have many questions but i'm sure i will find them on the page, or in the forums.

BTW i never understood why i need condensators or transistors for that matter until is red about the practical use of them in your robots :) Please keep up the good work!



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