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Anyone familiar with or have used Evolution Robotics Sofware Platform (ESRP)?
It appears to be made for more commercial robotics development and not for hobbiest level stuff . . . it has a pricetag of US $7500, but with a '75% Educational Discount to Universities, high schools, and other educational institutions'

It also appears to be a direct competitor to the Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS), although MS gives away its buggy beta software for free at the moment . . .

What is interesting is that Taiwan has basically made ESRP its robotics industry standard . . .

One of the key features to ESRP is the vision software they are using, SIFT. SIFT was invented by a University of British Columbia professor (who holds a patent on it), and it is licensed to Evolution Robotics.

SIFT is probably the most advanced object-recognition system available today.

- Jon


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