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hello all.
I am currently working on a RFID door lock and so far my current idea for the lock is a solonoid.

But is it possible for the solonoid to move in to let the door close?
Also if i use a normally open solonoid can i push the solonoid arm in without damaging it?

Yes you can move the rod. Just bevel the rod so that it looks like the rod on a door handle.

Now how do i bevel something? Just sand/cut it to the shape?

Also a normally open solenoid is a pull type right?
What is the stroke? i found this website:
But what does the stroke mean?

Another solonoid i was looking at it:

But im a little confused on the Duty thing. 100% has the most resistance least force and least wattage(lost?) and 10% has most force least resistance and most wattage(lost?)

So for a door i probably want 100% duty because i dont need force and it lets off the least heat?

Is it a magnetic silinoid that will pull in the rod to let the door open or one where the rod is threaded and a motor pulls it in by spinning


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