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Interesting robot base?


Just wanted to share this with you... I found this hummer ride on toy online:

The thing is 4 feet long, and has its own power source. It's obviously too weak for you to ride on, but if it can carry two kids, it can probably carry a bigger battery, a laptop, and then some more equipment. It uses 12V power and should be pretty easy to set-up... Would basically need a way to control the steering, and this could make a good robot base. It has 14" wheels and can go up to 5 MPH.

Update: the maximum weight capacity is actually rated at a whole 130 lbs and it has storage space behind the seats... I'm starting to seriously consider this for my robot because of its hugely practical aspect. The only downside is that it would look a bit silly ;)

If you are considering that, you can also consider cheaper ones on ebay for example:

that is one of many choices, but its weight limit is 65lbs

Also steering the car is a manual turn of the steering wheel, so that issue would also need to be addressed.

I'm definately a beginner in robots, but i wouldnt pay that much for just a motor+chasis+battery, but then again i wouldnt know how much those would cost for robot of that size  :D

I have been thinking about buying one at a yard sale, and salvaging the motors and batteries.
130? If I lose 5 punds I could ride in it..

soup up your power wheels for the Mini Grand Challenge:

--- Quote ---It's obviously too weak for you to ride on
--- End quote ---


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