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snow plow robot


interesting robot that eats snow and pumps out solid blocks of ice out its rear end . . .

kinda looks like pikachu, too
(go here for more info)

I think they should make it look scarier. I mean it should scare kids away.....
Just imagine if it ate a small Japanese child on accident.... :-\

HAHAHA!!! What a concept!!! Husband "Hey Honey? Where are kids?" Wife "Outside playing with the snow plough" Get your very own kidsicle today! But seriously I live in Buffalo and something like this would NEVER pass union approvale to get into the DPW, and it's too expensive for private use in a driveway.

ahhhh unions.....

what you don't realize is that japan would rather pay engineers to make cool things than pay unions...
after all robots can't strike....yet :P
but really it's a work force issue....japan doens't have as large of a manual labor work forces as america does.

Robot strike?!? Sounds like a cool video game; when can I buy it?

Seriously though we get more wind every year then chicago (I'm not sure what they base this on) and enough snow to bury us all up to our necks, so I was dreaming of having a pikachu-plough-bot of my very own or at least something  that actually ploughed when they were supposed to.


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