Author Topic: Switching voltage regulator: Buck Regulator, Buck Switching, Step down, Sync?  (Read 2709 times)

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I want to get an switching regulator IC. I'm looking at Farnell's list and I'm confused: Is there a difference between the types of switching regulators they're selling? I'm interested in the kind that has the greatest efficiency. They're listing those kinds of switching regulators:

Bulk Switching,
Non Isolated Converter,
Step Down (Buck),
Synchronous Buck

I assume they're all "switching" and they're all more effective then linear regulators. Are they actually different and if yes, what's the type that likely has the greatest efficiency?

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I know that a buck (or boost) regulator usually needs a coil. (I have a buck regulator ic and had to provide my own coil and other control circuitry).

A switching regulator quite often uses capacitors rather than a coil. Some switching regulators have the full thing in the package but you can also just buy an ic that doesnt include the capacitors and other components.

A synchonous buck is similar to a normal buck but the circuit more resembles a boost circuit.

There is also another type called a flyback regulator but ive never come across one.

Just make sure that if you buy a better regulator then either be aware that you might have to buy other components such as an inductor or make sure they are all provided in the package.


take this one for example

It is easy to image that it is just a single ic that can convert your power. But open the datasheet and on the first page is the example ciruit which includes the inverter coil. The coil isnt included so you have to purchase it seperately. (When the ic arrived you would kick yourself if you had to put in another order before you could use it)
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Thankyou, I would have missed that! I'll make sure I order everything I need.


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