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555 timer chip guy:
Dos any one now how to control a stepper motor with simple parts and on a tight budget :-\

try this website


they have some real simple n cool circuits

So sometime last year I built one of these controllers that let you control stepper motors via a parallel port.


They work kind of well, and all you really need is one chip, or you could just use smaller components if you really wanted to:


Hope this helps!

Steve Joblin:
You could use a PICAXE, a ULN2003, and four 1k resistors... you can check out the details on page 14 of Section 3 - Interfacing Circuits  manual which you can download here --> http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_manual3.pdf

555 timer chip guy:
thank you that rely helped  :D


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