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Need help with water propulsion

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This is one of my first robots and i really havent been able to come up with a water propulsion system to suit my requirements. I was hoping someone could help..

Most of the propulsion systems i thought about like propellers seemed to either disturb the water too much or draw too much power.
Another problem with propellers was that the water is very shallow, only about 3 inches deep.

heres a random idea that went into my head a few days back  :D, try some sort of pulse system, like the bass of a sound system maybe.

But since i know nothing about the physics of sound other then it travels in waves and bounces off of stuff, and i know nothing about water except that it is H2O and is wet, i dont know if this would work, it would probably use a lot of electricity

Sound waves wouldnt nearly be enough to propel a robot boat, especially one running on an onboard NiCad battery :D

I was thinking of someway other than propellers to expel water and push the bot forward, something like a jet engine, only much smaller and one that uses water.

How about this?

or this?

Will it be in fresh or salt water? If salt water is possible, then you could dry using a magnetohydrodynamic drive. Here is an example.


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