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Stripboard. Are there any real disadvantages?

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Hi there,

So far I have only used stripboard for my projects and it works, despite being a bit of a pain.

Is this 'Bit of a pain' the only reason why people etch their boards?  Stripboard circuits may also turn out to be larger, fair enough, but it's cheap and fun!

What do you guys think?

Even though it's bleedin' obvious (or is it?)...... ;D 

looks like a pain . . .

good for learning to think about everything, not good for fast prototyping when you know what you need to.

Homebrew PCB aren't that hard - I made one in my garage a day ago.

I use expressPCB, PCB board layout softwear - anyway here are the basic steps to PCB creation just encase anyone didn't know -

Desgin PCB layout - print with laser printer on glossy paper -

Iron on the PCB traces to the board. (literally - use a clothes iron) -

Peel the paper off and touch up with a sharpy any place the toner didn't transfer right.

Submerge in etchant - I use radio shacks Ferric chloride - its "fairly" harmless if you don't heat  up the etchant it'll take about 30  to an hour to etch the board.

Once its done just drill the holes.

I really am not sure how to dispose of the used etchant - radio shack says dilute heavily with water and pour down the drain.

I am gonna check for any chemical disposal places where I live - ( don't want to hurt the environment )


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