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Need some help making "flying" robot

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For our science project at school we decided to make a "flying" robot. We are reasonably new to making robots, but know the basics. We just need some help with the flapping motion of the wings. Anyone wanna help me?

Anything will help.

RC airplane with a microcontroller and guidance system? I don't think it is possible to make a machine capable of flying by flapping wings.

They actually have - there is an RC toy on the radio shack website that uses wings for lift -

This is all conjecture but it seems that if you wanted to mount a microcontroller to a flying base a RC helicopter would be the best solution.

I think building an ornithopter robot would be pretty cool.

Here are some interesting ideas for the base (I posted these in Misc a few days ago):

- Jon

check this link out for more inspirational videos

i believe all ornithopters use 4 bar linkages to convert from rotational to flapping motion.
here is a webpage to simulate one for your design


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