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Robotics touch communication?


Is anyone familiar with some method to allow small robots to communicate just by contact on any part of their body.. just touch contact, without anykind of plugging in or anything?

What about RFID? Can this be used for very basic communication?

I forget the name of the group but at a conference i saw a group that used a capacitance screen to transmit data just by having 2 of these screens touch each other.

Probably not practical for most people but i thought it was cool

Thank you SDK. I don't know what that is but I will check it out.  Sounds like it could work.  I seem to remember seeing something not too long ago about someone who developed a bunch of little tiny robots that would go all over a room and when they bumped into each other they would communicate information every time they touched.. can't remember where i saw it now.. don't you just hate that? ! :D


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