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less than .07 degrees


hi, I'm doing my thesis right now, and one of the requirements is to move a camera very precisely, down to the very last .07 degrees!!! yep! that's right --.07degrees thats two decimal places :o

Can someone suggest what motor I should use? servo or stepper? I'm currently considering using a stepper motor which has 1.8 deg per step, then, I'll just use gears to reduce the movement upto .07 deg.  But is that possible?
can I really control it that precisely with a stepper motor?

lastly, can a servo motor be controlled to stop at a very precise position like for example...120.07 degrees?
thanks for reading my topic ;D

Servos have an accuracy of about one or two degrees.

As for steppers, accuracy varies widely. You probably wont be able to find one any more accurate than a servo.

I think to have two decimal placess accuracy however is very unreasonable for a camera. Cameras are very good for robots, you shouldnt need accuracy like that . . . I think you should find another way to solve your sensing problem.

Why do you need such high accuracy?

Your only solution is a highly geared down stepper motor, cant think of anything else. Probably use a planetary or worm gear.

I don't know the topic of your research so I can't give you an specific answer. But you sould look for astro navigation telescope motor if you want a high precision. Or you could build something like this:

why dont you just use a servo with a large gear that is indexed to the precision that you need then just use an encoder to count the clicks you need for a specific degree


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