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I picked up a basic stamp 2 IC, and decided to build my own programming interface.  It looks easy to do, but there's something that I don't get about the schematic.

The left is a serial import, the right is the BS2.  Two pins on the serial jack are jumpered together, two go directly to the BS2IC and the others have some capacitors.  It's these last two that are confusing me.

I can understand wanting a capacitor inbetween the source and the pin, but why would you connect those two via a capacitor as well?

usually anything connected together with .1microF capacitors is just to reduce electoral noise in a circuit that could give bad readings from sensors or whatever, they don't usually affect the circuit they are just there to protect your components that are noise sensitive.

One of my coworkers said the same thing.  I just omitted them, as per his suggestion, since I don't seem to even have anything smaller than 1uF, and it works fine.


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