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Ok, so I've finally took some pictures and a video of the robot I built and mentioned in the Woot topic, so here they are.  Say hello to Remi!

He's a simple little thing, with the body of a removable hard drive enclosure, that, when tethered to his controller there, scoots around the floor.  The wiring for him is pretty simple, as shown here:

It's just the two motors hooked up to an RJ45 jack that then goes to the controller.  The batteries are on the base, of course, as the box for the controller was barely big enough for the switches and electronics for it.

Here's the bottom of him.  As you can see he's not really set up right for the whole center of gravity thing, and as such when he moves his motors don't always have the torque to get him going.  I did what I could, as he's powered by 8 AA batteries, and I wanted to keep the drilling to a minimum, and still be able to close the top.

Here's a closeup on the wheel.  You'll notice some green stuff on it where the motor connects.  This is actually a modelling putty that is pretty easy to work with and gets pretty hard after it sits a while.  I didn't have the luxury of having motors and wheels that really fit each other, nor did I have anything that would connect the two better, so I used this stuff.  The wheels aren't 100% aligned as a result, but they work fine.  For the purposes of playing around, it's perfect. :)

And finally, a picture of Remi hooked up.  Notice the working and very not-fried LED there.  Thanks to this place, I was able to stop my murderous LED killing rampage and put one on there in a way to keep it safe :)

For those of you who want a small, but unfortunately hi-rez video, you can get it here.  It's about 24 megs, and not very long at all.

So that's him.  My first robot.  My girlfriend helped me out with some of the things, like in making a makeshift battery clip which works like a charm (until we put the caster on to replace the wooden dowel, as now one of the screws is in the battery area).  It seems as though she's interested in helping me out with this stuff, which is great.  One more thing that we can do together :)

Woot! :)

Contrats!  But the links are all broken for some reason.  ???

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I was wondering why none of the image links were showing anything, so I just made them URLs.  I guess I was too tired to check the URL properly. :)

All fixed now.


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