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i really want to make a rc car more then anything but as i want to use steel or aliminum i will need powerful motors and good batteries do you know of any. any help on this subject will be great e.g stering and speed controller

Has almost every thing you should need

I would avoid the steel since it is heavy.
You can get cheap lightweight aluminum that wont require beastly motors.

If it is RC than you can buy an RC controller that comes with matching crystals and servo's that plug into a receiving unit.
If you are hacking an RC remote than it is sometimes easiest to use generic DC motors that you can also hack from stuff laying around (people might yell at me for suggesting the DC motors).

these motors are costly im on a tight budget

For cheap moters you can go to the local thrift store/good will and buy old RC cars/toys and rip them apart for their motors.


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