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PORTE Simulation in MPLAB..


hi guyz...
i hv a problem... i hv written many programs for PIC in assembly using MPLAB... nd more or less familiar wid MPLAB nw..

howevr.. the problem comes wen i try to simulate sum of my progs...

in one of my programs written for 16f877.. i hv configured PORTE pins as o/p by clearing da TRISE reg..
howevr wenevr i try to clear or set any of the three PORTE bits(RE0,RE1,RE2).. the simulator doesnt show da changes on PORTE reg. other ports work fine...
i also tried writing a simple program which sets and resets the porte somwhow the simulator doesnt show da changes ..
wat can be da solution to this problem..?? plz help... its urgent..

Thank you..

hey guys one knows da answer to this...???

You should write your posts in English.

I tired that all the simulation stuff along time ago in MPLAB but never got any where with it. It might be one of those things that kinda works till you pay for the development tools.

But Tsukubadaisei brings up a good point, your post is kind of hard to read.  :-\
Simple, homogeneous English is best. Unless it's for comedic effect of course.....

TRIS is considered to be an obsolete command so the simulator might not support it...


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