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I hate to sound new to all of this, but I am...

I finished building a robot a few weeks ago, and now I would like to add some stuff on to it, but I don't know where everything is supposed to hook up. As much as I can figure, I should get a perf board and connect it to the 40-pin connector that's on the microprocessor. Then I would have room to add all of my extra stuff.

But how am I supposed to know what ports I should connect the new stuff to?

This might be helpful:

It's the Schematic to the board I own.

Any help is appreciated!

I'm not sure what you're asking.  The schematic that you provided has the 40 pin connector shown with what each pin is for. Are you just asking what each of the abbreviations stand for?

-Jason "Don't you hate it when people end sentences with prepositions" Smoker

I think that is what I'm asking...

I'm not really familiar with the MarkII, but just to start you out, it looks like they have a prototyping board already available
-In general a letter with a number after it are general I/Os (input/outputs) (often just digital, but not always)
-PWM are pulse with modulators which are good for servos and low energy loss driving source (ie you can use it to "pulse" a voltage rather than using a resistor to bring down a voltage.
-LineR, C, L sounds like a digital input for following a line, one for the right, center left respectively
-Vss is power source usually >6V
-V+ a regulated power usually 5V
-Vdd is gound
-Int is an interrupt (tells the processor "Hey!  pay attention to this"
-SCL and SDA are for communications (Serial CLock and DAta)
-TX and RX are also for communications ie UART which can be converted to RS232
-can't say much for the rest

it's not everything, but hope its a start

A general manual can be found:

a forum to ask Mark III specific questions:


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