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Question about Vacuum gripper or similar device as end of arm tool


I'm trying to build an end of arm tool that will pick up pop cans, water bottles, garbage, etc. I've been searching the web and I got the idea of using vacuum cups. What components would I need to build an end of arm tool with a vacuum cup. I think I need a compressed air source, a vacuum generator and a vacuum cup? I'm looking for a cheap solution so any suggestions are welcome. Non-vacuum cup ideas are also welcome.


I might be over simplifying this but what about an hacking a used handheld vacuum.

Hi. Simplification is good... I'm looking for an easy solution. I've actually thought about this, but once you suck the object into the tubing how do you dispose of it? I don't want it to get whipped around where the fan is spinning ^^;;

What do you want to happen after it gets sucked in. In a hand held vacuum you can break off the "mouth" part and just have the circular opening/tube. on the back end it usually goes into a bag. you can attach or do what ever you want with the tube leading to the bag.

Hmm sorry wasn't thinking...long day. The break off is what I want. I wonder if a home vacuum wil give enough suction to pick up a pop can if I have to increase the tube diameter. I'll try it out at home. Thanks for your quick response!


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