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I need a servo that can rotate 360 degrees, but I need to be able to position the rotation is specific places, so it can't continuously rotate.

Would it be better to:
convert a 180 degree servo I have to 360
or use a continuously rotating servo with specific time delays.

If I go with the first option, how would I convert it?
Or can I buy a 360 degree servo somewhere?

I think I've seen some 360 (or a little more) degree rotation servo (but not continuous) at ServoCity.com. I don't know if the price is worth it though.

Using a continuous and basing it off time will probably not be very accurate. Converting the 180 to a 360 would probably be better than using a continuous servo I think.

as Somchaya said, its probably a little pricey:

you could also perhaps use a stepper motor, or a regular DC motor with an encoder for position feedback

i also remember seeing encoder kits that you can place onto servos that were modified for continuous rotation.


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