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interesting biped construction method


James has impressed me before with his previous attempts to build bipeds.

Now he writes me telling me about his newest project (which is yet again impressive, and very original too!)

He writes:
"Mainly it's all made from Polymorph (Shapelock) which I have just discovered is an amazing rapid prototyping material, so it's getting built up quickly. It will use pairs of motors for each joint which winch strings - like opposing muscles in a human. I don't really have any reason to build robots, other than for fun, hence I always try to make them differently to a 'traditional' robot - using motors centered on the axis of each joint etc."

Check out images here:

For more information on the Polymorph material:

James also says he was influenced by the Chronos robot, which uses this neat Polymorph material. See videos of that here:


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