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polar bear6:
if a babymonitor is power from a walloutlet (AC) can it run on DC?
because i dont like it when the babymonitor is in plugged in the wall, its to wired (get it, wired).

and another thing, should i post the pics from all the stuff i bought?
i kinda figured that it was a "dead" topic...

I'm not 100 % sure about this, but devices like that usually have a power brick (big buldge in the plug or wire), or then have a internal converter. These basically converts the AC to DC with a combination of capacitors, diods, resistors, and voltage regulators.

If you can, take a multimeter and connect it to the where the power cord comes into the baby monitor. Once you know what voltage it's running at, you should be able to rig a battery up to it.

Yea, there should be a power adaptor that converts from AC to DC. Usually the adaptor tells you required input and output voltage/current/power, etc. This is that big brick thing that cjwillms mentioned. If there is no external thing, get out your screwdriver and multimeter . . .

To be wireless, all you need to do is to recreate that output DC voltage with a battery and voltage regulator.

Keeping around a set of power adaptors with different voltages are useful for future hacking - dont trash it!

polar bear6:
there is no external AC-DC converter. and the only thing inside i can see that is remarkable is a big thing, it makes the
220V AC to 11V AC.

i have a picture here, its the big thing in the right corner:

and i have another pic of it, its in the bottom right corner:

ye ye what the heck Ill post the other pics of my stuff to in case you wanna see¬  :P

if you wanna know anything about the pictures just ask, and i really wanna know if someone know how to use those cameras i have...¬  stupid SGI couldn't be friends with the normal PC's had to make their OWN type of stuff so people will get angry and not buy their stuff... GARR!

--- Quote from: Admin on May 22, 2006, 03:50:19 PM ---
Keeping around a set of power adaptors with different voltages are useful for future hacking - dont trash it!

--- End quote ---

yea i try to save them, i have 2 full buckets off them now, all fom 3-30V :D mostly DC, think i have 1 AC...
my mom freaks out tho, not good, not good at all!

stupid SGI

so that big thing is a transformer, and is probably hooked up to other circuit stuff to output DC. check around it for a DC voltage. there is a good chance you will find the supplying DC voltage across that giant blue capacitor in the picture. if so, just remove the transformer and apply that same DC voltage across that capacitor.


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