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Ever tried a Kit Robot?


I was looking at these kit robots the other day, has anyone here got one or built one successfully?


I've seen them for sale ready-built but they're all really expensive!

I'd like to find out more from someone who's had some hands-on experience with them.


Steve Joblin:
I've been looking into getting one of these too... they are quite expensive (either pre-assembled or as a kit)... you can find tons of videos that show them in action.

Personally, after looking at many of the videos, I have decided to hold off a while... they are still pretty "elementary" in terms of sophistication.

try this site

but for the High tech stuff you are going to pay more.

I went and bought  the Vex for a frame to work with and the motors and servos that came with it to begin and parallaz *basic stamp for a micro controller that came with a lesson book to teach me some basic to begin with. I suggest for the real beginner to look into the Book " What is a microcontroller" i got it from radio shack. It definally helped me and gave me what i need For my First 2 bots. They may have just moved on the floor by themselves but we all have to start some where right...

Check out the book at...


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