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I can figure out how to get the simple electonics working(sensors,servos,etc.) but i cant figure out how to actually put it together, i havent taken any mechanics/woodworking classes in school yet so im fairly clueless, since i dont know how to build a frame and put everything on it i cant use DC motors and gears.

Also i want to start building non-school related projects soon and i wont have help from my shop teacher for them, are there any tutorials out there for ignorant builders like me?

Steve Joblin:
First off, let's clarify your comment... "ignorant" people are those that don't want to learn... you do, so you are not ignorant... maybe a bit inexperienced though? :)

So you seem to have a good grasp on the electronics and the programming, but on the mechanics...

I would start by looking at other robots for inspiration.  I have seen robots built using old CD's as frames.  I have also seen just about everything else used as well.

Have you considered buying a chasis?

i would rather not buy a chassis, rather i would like to build my own, which of course causes more problems.

--- Quote ---  I have seen robots built using old CD's as frames.
--- End quote ---
how does that work? the only use i could think for cds are as wheels.

How big do you want it to be? Is the first question. The best thing to use as a beginner would be a plastic base since its very easy to work with, cut, drill... I think someone else mentioned this in another topic posted here and I though it was a good idea of just going to like walmart and get a plastic cutting board (rather thin like 1/4 inch) and if you don't have one already invest in a good jig saw (you will use it all the time for building bases or for cutting robot parts) and cut out the shape you want. I hope this helped, if you want any other tips on something a little more specific just ask.

This makes good stuff. I'm using it to attach all of my electronics to my RC car base.

they also have alot of pre made solutions for decent prices.


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