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Good track system that works on carpet?

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Steve Joblin:
I've been playing around with a multitude of configurations using Tamiya Tank Treads on a Parallax Boe-Bot (, but they keep derailing because I am driving it on carpet.  Has anyone had experience with a tread system that is good for use on carpet?  My robot is only about 8" long by 5" wide and uses two standard Futaba servos (modified for continuous rotation).

havn't used them but you may want to look into them:

and maybe you could go to belt drive from the servo and use two wheels?
every thing in software would be the same (unless you accounted for friction of the treads and what not
but I wouldn't tackle that task with a Parallax any ways....)

The Lego Technics tracks won't derail.  We use a variation of that design on our robots.

I think, for the sheer cheapness and wickedness of the technic tracks, this has become the track of choice for many many developers.

Namely, this one

Ive used the lego tracks for several robots and have had only one problem with them.

You must make sure the 'wheels' are spaced apart just right. If too far, meaning the treads are too tight, they bend inward causing high friction losses on your motors. Perhaps if you use a metal shaft instead of a plastic lego shaft you might not have this problem . . .


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