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What would the best soldering Iron be?

Well, that depends entirely on how much money you want to spend.

The one I have is this:

That's a pretty good quality soldering iron for a hobbiest.

- Jon

Steve Joblin:
I did a lot of research on this about three years ago when I decided to get a good quality iron.  I asked a lot of people on a lot of boards and did extensive research.

The one clear fact I learned is that you want to buy your iron from Howard Electronics (  They have one of the best selections, excellent prices, and the most knowledgable staff!

I eventually went for Xytronic 137ESD, and have been more than pleased!  I had done a fair amount of soldering but wasn't the best at it... it turned out that it wasn't me, but the cheap tool I was using!  Now I solder like a pro!

I'll echo Steve.  Right now I'm using a RadioShack fire starter.  It bites.  The irons I used in college were WAY better. 

I prefer digital soldering irons personaly....
this one seems like a good investment if you are going to be doing alot of soldering.


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