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Woody the firefighting robot

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Here is my current robot I just finished for school. let me know what you think.  Here is my site  I plan on using this robot for the next robot contest that arises.  Woody uses a Nintendo Wii remote's IR camera to sense the flame a $40 vision sensor.  The MCU is an ATmega644P.  All of the audio comes from the on-board speaker.

haha! i love it! it looks awesome, the sounds effects are awesome and is works! great job sonictj.

Thanks its my most elaborate design yet.  It was really fun to make.  If you look at my site I have some earlier video of it tracking the flame while doing obstacle avoidance.

omg i just realised there was a wii controller as the sensor, man i should look/read better. cant believe i missed that lol :D

n1 rofl


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