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Woody the firefighting robot

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That wii remote Idea is fascinating...
We have vacations here.... I should start hacking!!!

im guessing it has an inbuilt infrared sensor? sorry, i dont know too much about wii hardware as i havent had a chance to buy one yet :(

The Wii remote has an infrared camera that sends center of mass data to my computer.  This data is interpreted in a program called GlovePie.  There I turn the Wii Remote x axis values into a virtual joystick to be read in the program Processing.  Processing then takes the joystick values and sends them as single byte numbers to my Atmega644P, via a bluesmirf. 


"Go ahead make my day!"

And is the wii mote for blue tooth?

As I said earlier, the Wiimote is for sensing the flame (ir robot vision).  The Wiimote'sinfrared camera does blob tracking.  The remote communicates with my computer for processing then this data is sent back to the mcu with a bluesmirf module.


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