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Motor/Power/ Drive recomendation?

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Can any of you get me a recomendation on the following. Thanks!

1) Need to build a small wheeled platform that traverses 95% of  flat indoor floorings. ( I presume this leaves out tracked vehicles.)
2) It needs to carry about 2.5 -3 lbs including its own weight.
3) I will visually be able to drive it remotely.
4) I plan to use a lead acid rechargable batt because I am guessing I will need a 2Ah battery (heavy..)

A) Is 4 wheel drive recomended?
B) DC motor, stepper motor, or servo?
C) Speed is not critical but what torque/ power would you guess is needed?

Thanks to all the experts here to set some initial criteria for my testing!


A) You don't really need a 4 wheel drive. I'd recommend using a differential drive, since it's a lot easier to construct.

B) All 3 kinds would work actually, although a DC motor might be too fast (unless it's a geared motor or you gear it down) to control remotely properly.

C) Hmm.. I'm not very good with torque calculations.

So, I recently built a differential drive robot with a single castor, that carries around 3 lbs of weight. I used 2 standard servos originally, and the speed for that was ok, although torque was kind of low. However, I used really big wheels which reduces the torque. So, for a robot carrying 2.5 - 3 lbs, those standard servos should work fine, especially if you get decent sized wheels unlike me ;D

If you're intending to drive it remotely, it's probably better to go for a lower speed, unless you're really good with remote control cars :P Personally, I'm terrible at that so I have trouble controlling my robot even though it's not going very fast.

Trigger, not sure what you wanted me to see in the link, most of that information is pretty basic, so let me know if I missed something.


Good info, this is helpful. What standard servos did you use? I agree on the difficulty driving remotely, especially since I have quite a bit of transport delay/ lag. Hitting a wall is bad, hitting a wall fast and far away is even worse...

I used the Hitec HS-425BB ( It has a torque of 57 oz/in at 6V and can go at 62.5 rpm.

I ultimately upgraded the servos to higher-torque ones, but if you don't use huge wheels I think it should be sufficient  :)


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