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Motor Overheating


We are using the following motor http://www.active-robots.com/products/motorsandwheels/stepper-motors/datasheets/103h5210-0440.pdf

controlled by the following drive board : http://www.active-robots.com/products/motorcon/easy-step/es3000-guide.pdf

we are sending pulses from a DSP (frequency checked on oscilloscope) and sending pulses to the right pin IP1 at a frequency of 9.38 KHz.

According to the datasheet each 1-0-1 pulse applied (basically falling edge) will increment the motor by 1 step. The motor steps at 1.8 degrees per step so we need 200 steps for a full revolution. We sent 100 pulses through the DSP but for some reason it does not turn the full revolution. It requires some bizzare number like 10k pulses for one revolution and motor overheats while running.

The motor overheats higher than you would expect when the pulses are sent from the DSP.

The software supplied with the driveboard seems to work fine when using PC mode, theres no overheating and the steps work to specification.

Any help you can give will be appreciated

I'm not very sure about this, but maybe you could try running the DSP at a lower frequency, say 3 kHz and see if it works. The voltage specified on the specs are 5V and 0V so it's probably important to check that as well.

When I experimented with stepper motors, I remember them overheating at one point too, but I can't remember exactly what caused it.

yeah i think the problem was the frequency im running it at 200 hz now and it seems to work exactly how its supposed to now quite unusual

I think it's because stepper motors can only keep up with step changes at a certain speed, so if you tell it to change steps too quickly, bad things happen  :P

Well in any case, it's great that it's working now!


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