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the rc dragonfly

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my little brother just got the rc dragon fly thing. Its ok and all but its not the best.....pretty tricky to fly....but still pretty awesome

Yeah when I saw the video, I thought it looked pretty difficult to fly.. I've played with cheap RC planes and helicopters before and those are already pretty difficult to control properly, so a dragonfly..  :-\

yea I heard that they fly ok when you first get it, but it wears out and becomes harder to fly over time.

I also heard that it flies better without that attachable tail ribbon that comes with it . . . but I havent verified this myself yet.

When I get back to the states my coworkers have two I can play around with.

I know you can buy them now on the west coast, but does anyone know if they sell them on the east coast yet?

and pics I took of the insides if you are interested:

I've seen them on sale at Radioshack in Pittsburgh, so yeah I think they're sold on the east coast now  :D

I'd love to test fly the dragonfly, they're not out over here in the UK yet.

It's flying looks pretty bug-like, closest I can get to one is these videos:



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