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I have finally got around to uploading my new software library to SourceForge as a Beta release so I'm looking for 'guinea pigs' to check it out !

There are 2 downloads - a 'zip' file contains the source, header files, and compiled libraries. There is also a PDF file which you should download as it has a getting started section as well as the full API documentation. The source code is really only there for reference purposes if the documentation is unclear. The getting started guide shows how to use the library without copying any files out of the library. If you want to change the source code, or add to it, then I encourage you to sign up as a contributor on the Source Forge website.

The library makes it very simple to use a myriad of 3rd party hardware such as motor controllers, sonars and various sensors. For example: if you've written a program that uses the built in modified servo support and you decide to replace the servos with a SabreTooth DC motor controller then you only need to change about 6 lines of code. The PDF gives an example of doing this with the Photovore program.

Currently the library supports ATMega8, ATMega168, ATMega32 and ATMega640 processors but I can add extra AVRs very easily (no PIC support I'm afraid). Specific support has been added for the Axon, Roboduino, and BabyOrangutan boards.

Note that this is quite a large, and comprehensive, library and, with your assistance, I want it to become the 'defacto' standard for robotics (whereas AVRlib is just a generic library).

My library doesn't require AVRlib - only the WinAVR files that come with AVRStudio.

There is no I2C support (yet) but I'm working on it.

Here's the source forge project page -

I welcome any feedback

Wow, a quick look at the documentation and im already impressed!

Ill definitely take a look at it in the near future.

I haven't had time to look through it yet, but this would make a great replacement for AVRlib (which is seriously out of date).

If you have a $50 Robot and want much better features than the default software in my tutorial, this is what you should start using.

I would test it but my $50 board will not work for no apparnent reason (soldering is good. voltage from the regulator. just don't know why)

Also works with Axon and Roboduino boards - or any other custom made ATMega8/168/32/640 board


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