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 ;D I've decided that I'm going to make a snow cone robot for science fair next year and i need some help. My first question is what kind of motor would i use to carry ~30-40 lb. (mini ice shredder, syrup despenser, and mini freezer included) and also what kind of energy source should I use because I'll be using alot of energy. And what kind of microcontroller(or if i should even have one) to remote control 4 wheels, around 4 different syrup nozzles,mini ice shredder, mini freezer for ice maker, and convierer belt. And where can i find a remote controller with 4 analog sticks and atleast 8 buttons or how could I make it?

I think generally, anything like this has A LOT of hidden problems you haven't thought of yet.

Like, try and keep things simple.

An ice shredder.........don't know if you've used a hand-powered one before.............uses loads of force. The power you would need would either be mains voltage (very dangerous!) or car batteries I would imagine (also very dangerous!), so basically, don't do these things unless you really know what you are doing.

I mean, I guess even as a 3rd year Masters Engineering Student, I would even have a big problem making a remote controlled car..........

Start off small...........copy something someone else has done............these are good ways to guarantee success.

yah but its still a great idea  ;D maybe someday I'll create a solar one or something like that

2015 News:
New solar or some other fuel source snow cone making RC robot invented more on this at 11

maybe i could make a very light ice shredder and use something like those things and fastfood places that you press and the drink comes out i could probable program them to spray with diffrent marked buttons on the remote control and a conveirer belt wont be hardand maybe make it so I can just push the thing that holds everything by hand like a cart, i could probably fuse the freezer with an electronic ice shredder
and I'm hoping one day they'll use it in candy and sweet shops or cafes around the world.

Very interesting idea.  I'll throw in my input. 

--- Quote from: Hal9000 on March 29, 2007, 02:59:39 AM ---Start off small...........copy something someone else has done............these are good ways to guarantee success.

--- End quote ---

Agreed.  You probably will not have to deal with 4 individual drive motors, it's a bit much work.  I would recommend treads as they are able to dispurse weight along a wider surface area and therefore would be more stable and probably be able to carry more weight.

The motors you would have to use are probably a large DC motor.  You would need a microcontroller to program this with several PWM (Pulse Width Modulators)  in order to controll the speed, etc. of the motors.  This way you can have enough torque to carry the load on the robot. 

The first thing you want to do is make calculations and do a bit more research into the robot.  You have a very handy drawing, but it would make things a lot easier if you broke each thing down and did parts research.  For example, how much does the freezer/ice grinder/etc weigh and the size dimensions?   This way you can take the robot out of theory and into reality.   If you calculate weight and dimensions, you can pick out a motor, then electronics, etc.   I'm sure if you got those things down and presented them, everyone could help much more.

yah thats a great point i'll try that


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