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I need a tutorial or a site that will help a newbie on programming a microcontroller.

First you should decide which microcontroller will you use, since there are quite many of them. Most popular choices would be microchip's PIC and atmel AVR. After choosing mcu, you must decide on programming language: assembly, C, basic...

I started with PIC (16f84a) and assembly and i learned it from and (online free book).

This will give you the basics and you can progress to other mcu and langauges after few projects and you will see which suits you better for which project.

If you want to use PICs, I have more than enough tutorials that can get you up to programming them. 

A good program to use is MPLAB IDE v7.50.  A compiler that programs PICs specifically.  The program actually comes with tutorials. 

i have a question could you use DarkBasic as a programming language. I dont think so cuz it is a game programming language but just a thought???


Nope, You need to have a compiler made for the chip you are using, - you can't use VS 2005 to program MCUs or any compiler made to compile code for PCs - at least not to my knowledge.


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